Arlene Herson - Radio/TV Personality, Celebrity Interviewer, Public Speaker

Photo of Arlene Herson in her office.

Meet Arlene Herson.

Arlene has had a remarkable career interviewing celebrities on television on the award winning, The Arlene Herson Show, and on the radio on Florida Forum. Arlene produced The Magic Flute with Victor Borge conducting, and the musical 1776 with members of Congress playing our founding fathers, at the historic Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. She is also a public speaker and a journalist.

Hundreds of nationally known personalities have been interviewed by Arlene, revealing meaningful, inspirational and personal stories, oftentimes never heard before. Sammy Davis, Jr., Tony Bennett, Julio Iglesias, Suzanne Somers, Danny DeVito, Chuck Norris, Placido Domingo, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Linda Evans, Phyllis Diller, and Gloria Steinem are just a few Arlene's guests.

Arlene has been honored by an appointment from President George W. Bush to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, Governor Jeb Bush to the Florida Film & Entertainment Advisory Council, and President George H. W. Bush to the Take Pride In America Advisory Board. She is one of the few non-lawyers appointed to the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

Come on in and meet Arlene Herson.

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"Thank you Arlene, for this conversation. A Big Kiss, You are special."

-- Julio Iglesias


"I enjoyed this interview so much!"

-- Shari Lewis


"You're so genuinely interested in the answers that I've told you things I've never told anybody before... truly... Isn't it a joy to talk to Arlene?"

-- Carol Channing