Awards & Accolades

Arlene's Awards

Arlene Herson has been recognized and honored for excellence and her dedication and unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism. As a result Arlene has received many honors and accolades including the following:


Arlene Herson nominated for Cable's Ace Award

Arlene Herson, producer/host of the nationally syndicated cable television talk show The Arlene Herson Show, has been nominated for an Ace Award for best program series by the National Academy of Cable Programming.

The award is the highest honor in cable programming and is equivalent to an Academy Award nomination.

This year's entries for the Ace award nomination include 1,026 entries from across the country. Five finalists in Herson's catagory of best program series were selected. The awards presentation will take place in at the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta, Ga., May 22.

Herson's show has received several awards in the past including the Cape Award (Cable Award for Programming Excelence) from the Cable Television Network of New Jersey and the Pal Award from Paragon Cable in Manhattan. This is the first time the show has been nominated for an Ace.

The program focuses on personal in-depth interviews on location with nationally known personalities. Guests on the show have included Sammy Davis Jr., Walter Cronkite, Chuck Norris, Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson,Dom Deluise, Patricia Neal, Dionne Warwick, Tony Randall, Bob Guccione and Suzanna Somers.

"I am absolutely delighted to be nominated," Herson said. "I work very hard and do a lot of homework. It is wonderful to be recognized by your peers."


Accolades for Arlene

"You are a good interviewer... and a charming person."

-- Tony Randall


"I am only as good as my interviewer. You are terrific."

-- Lou Jacobi


"I am surprised that anybody even knows that."

-- Lucie Arnaz


"Oh. you REALLY know about that."

-- Don Rickles


"You're the only one who really knows that... !"

-- Pia Zadora


"Thank you so much. You made it a delightful conversation and I appreciate that. Thank you."

-- Gloria Steinem


"Arlene Herson is so delicious, she has never had to make a comeback."

-- Red Buttons


"You really know your stuff!"

-- Toni Tennille


"You're so genuinely interested in the answers that I've told you things I've never told anybody before... truly... Isn't it a joy to talk to Arlene?"

-- Carol Channing


"It really was my pleasure. It was terrific and I hope we do it again soon."

-- Lucie Arnaz


"She interviews the cream of the cream and gets all the big stars. It's quite unique. She is a very determined lady. Hardly anyone says no to her."

-- Chuck Zink


"Thank you Arlene, for this conversation. A Big Kiss, You are special."

-- Julio Iglesias


"You are the first person that ever asked me about that."

-- Robert Goulet


"You are delightful."

-- Perry Como


"You have a lot to offer... you have beautiful eyes, a great smile, and you are very intelligent... !"

-- Vic Damone


"You are incredible, Arlene. Let's do lunch."

-- Williard Scott


"Thank you for being so caring and sensitive... It's a great interview and I really appreciate it."

-- Barry Farber


"I enjoyed this interview so much!"

-- Shari Lewis


"I have done thousands and thousands of interviews in my life... this was the easiest one... she asks all the right questions... gets right to the heart of things... the best interview I ever had..."

-- Eddie Fisher

"I loved being with you, you are a fine interviewer and thoughtful and kind to your guests."

-- Helen Gurley Brown


Letter from Dorothy Rothchild

Letter from Dorothy Rothchild.

Dear Arlene,

This is positively a fan letter; you "knocked my socks off" with the excellet job that you did as moderator Tuesday evening for the Plus Series.

Arlene, I knew of your reputation but seeing you in action was a treat! You're beautiful, smart & witty... a dynamite combo!

Dorothy Rothchild


Letter from Mr. & Mrs. Victor Borge

December 31, 1995

Dear Arlene,

The magic of the Flute seems to have buoyed everybody involved in the production of the opera in Washington -- showing right and left how it inspired all participants to reach even beyond their highest standard of ability and distinction.

From my crow's nest, I saw you clearly as the indisputable organizer who, with effervescent energy and commitmnent, was the true Pamina ...overcoming and surpassing all your trials and tribulations.

I trust that you reaped well-earned accolades from all corners--perhaps the rosiest ones from the condutor's podium.

With many thanks we send warmest New Year's wishes to you and your Prince.