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Arlene Herson: Renaissance Woman

Friar Arlene Herson is an incredible lady. A Friar since 1990, she’s had a remarkable career as a radio/TV personality, celebrity interviewer, and public speaker. She’s the producer/host of The Arlene Herson Show, an award-winning cable television talk show that started in 1978 and can still be seen in syndication on Boca Raton Educational TV and on Manhattan Cable Television.

From the Friars Club Epistle, Summer/Fall 2005

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Cable TV/radio talk show host gets celebs to share details of lives

"To get to know radio personality Arlene Herson, take a look at the pictures on a wall taking up a good 10-square feet in her Boca Raton home office. ..."

From The Palm Beach Post, Wednesday, February 25, 2004.

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Arlene Herson Interviews The Stars

"Arlene Herson, a Polo Club resident in Boca Raton, is the producer and host of the award-winning syndicated cable television program, The Arlene Herson Show, which has been on the air since 1978. The show, which features personal in-depth interviews with nationally known personalities, can be seen throughout all of Boca Raton on Boca Raton Educational Television (BRET), Channel 98, Monday at 8:30 p.m. and Friday 6 p.m. ..."

From Boca Exposure, March 2004.

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Schmoozin' with the stars

"Arlene Herson sits in her Boca Raton home office at the Polo Club under the watchful photographic gaze of Johnny Mathis, Danny DeVito, Gloria Steinem, Malcolm Forbes, Placido Domingo and other recognizable faces. ..."

From the Sun-Sentinel, Sunday, April 4, 2004.

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Boca Life Magazine - Arlene Herson Profile

Q: How do you know you’ve reached stardom? A: When Arlene Herson, a Boca Raton resident who became the accidental talk show host on Manhattan Cable Television, invited you to her show for an interview. Herson made a remarkable career of having the most well known national personalities divulge fascinating details for their lives on her show, “The Arlene Herson Show,” and the evidence is on the wall.

From Boca Life Magazine, October 2004

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President George W. Bush Appoints Arlene Herson to National Holocaust Council

"President George W. Bush has named Arlene Herson of Boca Raton to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council..."

From Boca Raton News, Thursday, April 29, 2004.

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Governor Bush reapponts Arlene Herson to Film Advisory Council

Florida Governor Jeb Bush has reappointed Arlene Herson to the Florida Film & Entertainment Advisory Council.

Herson is a veteran celebrity interviewer whose award-winning nationally syndicated cable television program, The Arlene Herson Show, is currently airing on Boca Raton Cable Television in Florida and Manhattan Cable TV in New York City. She can also be heard every Sunday and Monday on National Public Radio, WXEL. 90.7 fm interviewing celebrities on the radio program, “Florida Forum.”

From the Sun Sentinel, March 14, 2005

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For Rumson woman, talk is key to success

When Arlene Herson walked into a local cable television office in 1978, she had never sat before a television camera. She had never written or produced a television show.

From the Asbury Park Press

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Arlene Herson: Her Show, Her Turf, Her Way

"Joey Adams stops by. So does Henny Youngman. Although Arlene Herson has been a member of the Friars Club for less than a year, she almost seems to own the place. Herson is no stranger to being around celebrities, or making herself at home in foreign territory. As host of the cable television talk show program The Arlene Herson Show for the past 12 years, Herson has gon 'on location'--everywhere from Malcolm Forbes' office to Bob Guccione's Upper East Side townhouse--to sit and chat with the rich and famous. ..."

From East Side Profile.

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Cable Hostess Chats with the Stars

Carol Channing found her to be genuinely interested. Her eyes and smile caught Vic Damone’s attention.

To Perry Como she was delightful.

Red Buttons extended their interview into a close friendship.

Talking with her was easy for Eddie Fisher.

Cable television talk show hostess Arlene Herson says these are among the compliments she has received from the stars. But she says the flattery is really secondary to the facts the stars, business people and political figures have revealed to Herson, the award-winning hostess of “The Arlene Herson Show.”

From The Register - 1986

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Paradigm Profile: Arlene Herson

"If self-motivation could be measured, Arlene Herson's would be off the top of the charts. As producer, director, and host of her own award-winning, mationally syndicated cable TV program, Arlene has done personal interviews with guests like: Walter Cronkite, Placido Domingo, Linda Evans, Chuck Norris, Harry Belafonte, and Malcolm Forbes to name just a few. ..."

From Paradigm 2000 magazine, Summer 1994.

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All in a decade's work

"When she joined Manhattan Cable five years ago, the Rumson resident had been on the air locally with her show 'Getting to Know You with Arlene Herson' for eight years, interviewed scores of New Jersey notables and those passing through and wracked up several local CAPE Awards for the best talk/interview show on cable. ..."

From The Register.

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Women on the Move

Arlene Herson is the producer and host of the award winning syndicated cable television program, “The Arlene Herson Show,” which focuses on personal interviews with nationally known personalities taped on location, usually in New York City or Atlantic City.

From the Business Journal

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The New York Times Article

When Arlene Herson of Rumson sat down to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, she decided she like “getting to know people.”

“The next thing I knew,” she said, “had my own TV show.”

From The New York Times - 1986

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Milton Herson Named Commissioner of GSA's Public Buildings Service

Administrator Richard G. Austin of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) said today Milton Herson, a New Jersey real estate attorney and developer, has been named commissioner of GSA's Public Buildings Service (PBS). The appointment was effective May 6.

From PR Newswire, Tuesday, May 19, 1992.

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My Son the Candidate

My son the candidate

A mother’s not-so-objective report on her son’s losing campaign for Congress

The Hill by Arlene Herson

The day our 28-year-old son, Michael, told my husband, Milton, and me he had been asked to run for Congress in the 6th District in New Jersey against Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone Jr., I felt a wave of emotions. I was bursting with pride. This was a dream come true for him. But I was also apprehensive. Was he ready? Was he too young? How would I feel if his opponent said something negative about my son?

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